Machine Learning

2023-03-09T07:50:33-08:00March 9th, 2023|

Machine learning (ML) is a subfield of artificial intelligence that focuses on the development of algorithms and models that allow computers to learn and improve from experience, without being explicitly programmed. ML algorithms are designed to identify patterns and relationships

AI as a Tool for Supply Chain Management

2023-03-03T10:07:13-08:00March 3rd, 2023|

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a valuable tool for optimizing supply chain management.  It can help supply chain managers make more informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Below are some ways AI can be used to improve supply

AI Applications for Healthcare

2023-03-09T07:18:37-08:00March 3rd, 2023|

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform healthcare in numerous ways.  Below are some of the ways AI is currently being used in healthcare: Medical image analysis: AI algorithms can analyze medical images such as X-rays, MRI scans, and

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